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General rules for transporting the deceased

Adherence to the general rule ensures good service

Identification of the deceased
A coffin

The deceased must be identified by the company owning the body before it is placed in the casket.
The following information must be attached to the body:

  • Name

  • Sex

  • Birth date and place.

  • Time and place of death

  • Nationality

Death certificate

The deceased must be transported in the appropriate coffin. 
The coffin must meet the following requirements:

  • The coffin must be made of solid material.

  • The coffin must be durable and impenetrable.

If the cause of death is an infectious disease:

  • the coffin used for transportation must be hermetically sealed.

  • a purifying filter must be added to the coffin.


The death certificate is issued in accordance with the laws and requirements of the given country. In the case of international transport, the death certificate should also be translated into one of the following languages: English, German, French.

The company organizing the transport of the deceased must be issued an authorization by the relatives, on the basis of which the deceased will be released to them.

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